Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

Vendor Notice: If you are registering or already registered as a Vendor, the Vendor Agreement, including all conditions mentioned in referenced document(s), is part of this agreement, and by proceeding, you agree to these terms and conditions in addition to the following:

1. General

1.1 The Equimap mobile application (“Equimap app”) is a digital booking platform designed for horse riding enthusiasts to book trips, classes, lessons, private trainers, farriers, or vets, offering a range of choices in one place. Equimap is provided by Equimap LLC, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. These terms of service (“Terms”) govern your use of Equimap, including any services provided through or in connection with it. Learn more about us and Equimap on our website, www.equimap.app.

1.2 By downloading or using Equimap, you confirm you have read, understood, and agree to these Terms, and warrant you have the legal capacity to accept them. You also confirm all personal data provided is correct and complete.

2. User Account

2.1 Creating a user account ("Account") is necessary to use Equimap. You must provide accurate information during registration and must be at least 18 years old or have permission from your legal guardian. Accounts can be created with a Facebook account, email address, phone number, or Google account. Sign-in is required to use Equimap.

2.2 When signing in with Facebook, we receive the information required to create your Account. Only use your own Facebook account and do not login with multiple accounts.

2.3 Information may be shared with stables, private trainers, farriers, & vets when booking their services on Equimap.

3. Use of Equimap

3.1 Equimap LLC is not liable for unauthorized access due to negligence. Your Account is for personal use and should not be transferred. Report unauthorized access immediately.

3.2 Do not use Equimap for illegal activities or infringe on third-party rights.

3.3 We reserve the right to terminate or suspend accounts for breaches against these Terms or laws.

3.4 Prohibited: spreading harmful technology or making unauthorized changes to Equimap.

3.5 Agree to defend and indemnify Equimap LLC from all liabilities related to your misuse of Equimap.

4. Fees and Payment

4.1 Account registration is free. Booking services requires payment for selected services.

4.2 Special features or deals may be offered. Refer to our price list in the Equimap app for current fees.

4.3 Fee reductions do not affect existing agreements. Payments are final and non-refundable.

4.4 Payments are made in advance. We reserve the right to limit or reject bookings.

4.5 Third-party payment methods are used. We are not responsible for payment method errors.

5. Representation and Warranties

5.1 Equimap is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind, to the extent permitted by law.

5.2 We strive to meet expectations but do not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free service.

5.3 Use of Equimap is at your own risk. By accepting these Terms, you waive the right to claim damages.

[Continue with sections 6 to 13 as structured, ensuring each point is clearly articulated and numbered accordingly.]

12. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

12.1 Disputes will be settled by public United Arab Emirates courts.

13. Safety Conditions

13.1 By signing up, you confirm:

  • No health conditions that prevent horse riding.
  • You are not taking medications or have allergies that affect riding ability.
  • You will wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.

13.2 Equimap is not responsible for injuries or death during any booked services.

14. Shopping From the Equimap Store

14.1 The Equimap store offers a curated selection of equestrian products, equipment, and apparel ("Products") for sale directly within the Equimap app or website shop.equimap.app . These Products are provided to enhance your equestrian experience, offering quality and reliability from trusted brands.

14.2 Product Purchases: When you purchase Products from the Equimap store, you agree to the listed price and associated taxes and shipping fees at the time of purchase. All transactions are securely processed, and your payment information is protected.

14.3 Product Availability: We strive to keep all listed Products in stock. However, availability may vary due to demand, supply chain issues, or discontinuation by manufacturers. We reserve the right to cancel orders for products that are no longer available, with a full refund provided to the purchaser.

14.4 Shipping and Delivery: Purchased Products will be shipped according to the delivery option selected at checkout. We partner with reputable shipping providers to ensure timely delivery, but cannot guarantee specific delivery dates. Shipping costs and times vary based on location and shipping method.

14.5 Returns and Exchanges: We aim for complete customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please refer to our return and exchange policy available on the Equimap app or website. Certain conditions and time limits apply.

14.6 Product Warranty: Products sold through the Equimap store are subject to the manufacturer's warranty. Equimap LLC does not provide additional warranties beyond what is offered by the manufacturer. For warranty service, please contact the manufacturer directly.

14.7 Customer Service: For questions related to shopping from the Equimap store, including order status, shipping, returns, and product information, please contact our customer service team at info@equimap.app.